Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Rhesus Chart Revealed

In my blog post on October 15, at which time I was working on Charles Stross's forthcoming Laundry Files novel The Rhesus Chart, I stated that I had seen the preliminary cover art but was not permitted to post it at the time.

Well, the final cover art has been released -- so, behold, The Rhesus Chart by Charles Stross, to be published by Ace Books in July 2014:

The Rhesus Chart

You'll note that at the bottom of the front cover, below the book title, the text reads: "Bob Howard, the vampire slayer?" So I won't be spoiling anything if I present here the novel's opening sentence (which the author himself has posted online as well):
"Don't be silly, Bob," said Mo, "everybody knows vampires don't exist."
But in Bob Howard's world of Applied Computational Demonology, can we be so sure?...


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    1. Love the one-word comment, Odo! The Rhesus Chart will be published in July, so mark your calendar for next May to contact me about a review copy, since you reviewed the last Laundry Files novel as well.

      - marty

    2. Oh, that's an offer I can't refuse :) Thanks!

  2. That is an amazing cover illustration.