Monday, July 22, 2013

Do You Fear Lovecraft's Monsters?

Lovecraft's MonstersRecently I completed my fiftieth book project for Tachyon Publications. That project milestone was a copy edit of anthology Lovecraft's Monsters, edited by Ellen Datlow, to be published in early 2014.

Back in June, while I was working on this project, I read Brian Hodge's story, "The Same Deep Waters as You," for the first time. (The story was originally published in Weirder Shadows Over Innsmouth, edited by Stephen Jones, Fedogan & Bremer, 2013.) And I posted elsewhere that this may just be one of the best stories of the year! I'm not a book reviewer, so I don't do review-speak at all. What I can say is that this story has just the right mix of intelligence, tone, anticipation, dread, etc. to make it one of the best stories I've read this year. What more can I say? The story just hit the right spot in my reading psyche.

I'm not particularly fond of stories with excessive blood & gore and/or nail-biting psychological horror. I'm not a "fright night" kind of guy. Which is why the stories in Lovecraft's Monsters appeal to my reading sensibility. The Brian Hodge story was the only one I actually posted about, but a number of the other stories were just as exceptional.

Lovecraft's Monsters has an April 2014 pub date, but you can order the book now -- and order often! Here's the complete table of contents.

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