Friday, July 22, 2011

The Best Space Shuttle Tribute Video

Christopher Mims (@mims) sent out a tweet yesterday pointing to his column, Mim's Bits, on The title of this blog post is the same title that Christopher used for his column, but it was his subtitle that caught my attention: Remembering what it was to be 10 and in awe of the future.

Christopher had very few words to say in his column, he simply let this video speak for itself (but do check out the column, because his few words are sweet). I'm hopeful you can spare 4 minutes to watch a recap of a space flight program that lasted for more than 30 years and brought us true wonders. And if you're a sentimental fool like me, you may want to have a tissue handy when you watch this:

Clicking on the "STS requiem" link above (below the vid screen) will take you to Small Mammal's website where you can read how the vid came about, along with all the video credits. Very cool....

Lastly, Christopher links to other Shuttle tribute videos out there, so you can check out his column for these links as well.

God speed....

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