Friday, March 25, 2011

Do You Know This Story?

My friend, author Andy Duncan, published an interesting query the other day on his Facebook page.

Andy has a colleague who asked for his assistance in tracking down a story that she read when she was much younger. Here is her description of the story:
A lost woman stumbles onto a house party. While trying to find the host, she finds people unmasking in various horrible ways, some of them alien. She eventually flees the house and is found in a ditch trying or having tried to pull off her face. This is something I read as a kid, so it would have been published before 1975.

By the way, the colleague can't recall if she read the story in a book or magazine. So, can any of the readers of this blog help with this one? I actually have an interest in learning the title and author of this story as well, particularly in light of my interest in "alien contact" stories.

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