Thursday, September 30, 2010

Christopher Mims on Books

I was just sharing a link via Twitter for an article in Technology Review by Christopher Mims entitled "The Death of the Book Has Been Greatly Exaggerated" -- when I was so awe struck by his ending paragraph that I absolutely had to post it here, now. And as a book collector myself (more so in past years), I felt this quote -- and the entire article -- to be pertinent to the current and constant deluge of articles and discussions on how ebooks are taking over the world.

"Books have a kind of usability that, for most people, isn't about to be trumped by bourgeoisie concerns about portability: They are the only auto-playing, backwards-compatible to the dawn of the English language, entirely self-contained medium we have left."
— Christopher Mims

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  1. I am researching material for a talk I am giving on the printed book in today's publishing world. I also found this quote to be poignant and summarizes my thoughts perfectly.