Friday, February 13, 2009

Warren Lapine and Fantastic Books

After a two-year hiatus, editor and publisher Warren Lapine (formerly of DNA Publications) has returned to genre publishing. You can read the full press release courtesy of Ian Randal Strock on SFScope. What I respect most about Lapine's return is that he is taking care of previous business (which legally he is not required to do), and making good on money owed and subscriptions cancelled with the demise of DNA Publications. I bring all of this to your intention because of my new working relationship with Warren Lapine; here is the press release that Warren sent out:

Wilder Publications is pleased and excited to announce that Marty Halpern has accepted a position as a freelance Acquisitions Editor for Wilder Publications genre imprint, Fantastic Books. Marty brings close to a decade of editorial experience with him. He has twice been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, bringing the number of World Fantasy Award nominees currently on staff to two. Books edited by Marty have won the prestigious Hugo Award, World Fantasy Award, and have been selected to Publishers Weekly's Best of the Year List.

So what does this mean for you, the author?

I am currently acquiring out-of-print backlist titles -- sf, fantasy, horror, slipstream, etc. If you have an oop book that you would like to make available to today's readers, so that they don't have to search the used bookstores for a copy (the purchase of which doesn't make you, the author, any money), then please do contact me. Please contact me personally, not by leaving a comment here. My email addy is marty dot halpern at gmail dot com. I would be open, however, to responding to any general comments posted here.

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