Saturday, June 26, 2010

Is Anybody Out There? -- Book Launch

The official book launch for my anthology Is Anybody Out There? (with Nick Gevers, from Daw Books, June 1) is now set for Readercon.

The book launch -- scheduled for Friday, July 9, at 2:00 pm -- will be one of the programming events at Readercon, the Boston area's annual "imaginative literature" convention, held at the Burlington Marriott, July 8-11.

In addition to myself, these other Readercon regulars will be participating in the event: Paul Di Filippo, Yves Meynard, and James Morrow; though not a scheduled Readercon guest this year, Alex Irvine is hoping to attend the convention as well, and will also be participating in this event. (I'm counting on you being there, Alex!) If you will be attending Readercon next month -- or just happen to be in the neighborhood of the Boston/Burlington Marriott on Friday, July 9 -- please do join us at 2:00 pm in Room ME/CT.

I just realized that the six stories I posted online from the anthology were not written by any of the authors who will be participating in the book launch event. Interesting how that worked out! Totally unplanned, honest! So this is a great opportunity to meet each of these authors, hear them talk about the genesis of their stories, and then read a snippet from their stories as well. And if you just happen to have copies of Is Anybody Out There? in hand, the five of us will gladly sign those copies for you. [Copies of the the anthology will be available for purchase in the Dealers Room from Larry Smith; copies will also be available for purchase at the event itself.]

WitpunkThis year at Readercon, the Guests of Honor are Charles Stross and Nalo Hopkinson. Charlie's newest Laundry Files novel -- The Fuller Memorandum -- will be available within a couple weeks. As readers of this blog may recall from an earlier post of mine entitled "Charles Stross: On Her Majesty's Occult Service," I had a wee bit of a hand in the editing of this very fine book. It will be great to see Charlie once again (the last time was in 2002 at ConJosé, the 60th World Science Fiction Convention), and hopefully we will be able to spend some time chatting together. (Charlie is currently working on the next Laundry Files novel, The Apocalypse Codex, but don't let him know I told you!)

But all that aside, I hope to see you at Readercon on Friday, July 9, at 2:00 pm, for the official launch of Is Anybody Out There? If you are new to this anthology, if you haven't been reading about it on this blog, if you haven't read the six stories I have posted from the book, then the best place to begin is right here -- a dedicated page I've set up on which you'll find links to all the blog posts, including the stories.

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